247 FC Awards Voting is LIVE NOW!

247-FC-awards-announcement-thumbnail-full-pittsburgh-mma-vote-how-toLet's vote on the best of the best in Pittsburgh MMA, shall we?

Which gym was the Steel City's best in 2022? Who was the most impressive amateur fighter? What about pro? All that and more will be decided during the 2022 247 FC Awards show, taking place LIVE Thursday, Jan. 5, at 7 PM on 247 Live.


And remember: If you need to refresh your memory on any of these fights or fighters, fire up your 247 Live app –– now available on Roku, iOS, and Apple TV –– or visit stream247live.com and re-watch EVERY fight in 247 FC history.

Scoring Rules: Each of the following will have 1 vote:

  • Hunter Homistek - 247 FC General Manager

  • Jim Mooney – 247 FC Matchmaker

  • Luke Payson – 247 FC Commentator

  • Danny Palm – 247 FC Utility Man – He does it all!

The fans - They will have a total of 3 votes. Two will go to the top vote-getter, one will go to the second place vote-getter UNLESS the top vote-getter receives over 75% of the vote, then the top vote-getter will get ALL 3 VOTES!

If there is a tie, it will be broken by 247 FC Owner/Promoter Ryan Middleton. He will only cast 1 deciding vote between the nominees that are the tying vote-getters. Any nominee that is not a top vote-getter is not eligible for a tie-breaking vote.

Hey, if you're going to vote, you might as well be informed, right? 'Merica.

Let's get to voting (voting period ENDS Wednesday, Dec. 28):